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 Responsive Baby and Toddler Sleep Coach 

Sleep Support with Positive Outcomes

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 I am passionate about educating and supporting families to make positive changes to their little ones' sleep.  

My expertise is working with newborns through to 4 year olds. Providing guidance on sleep challenges from short naps, night wakes, early wakes, routines, self settling, reflux to dropping naps and cot to bed transition. 


With my parent led approach I will also give you confidence along the way.

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A bit about
how I work

Every consultation is unique as each baby and child is different. When I work with you I will ask questions back to pregnancy and birth to present day. I will listen, without judgement to get a full understanding of all aspects that could be impacting your little ones' sleep with the end goal of providing you with a bespoke plan. I take into account the comfort level of your child as well as their personality and temperament, but never neglecting your own needs. 


I will always ensure that you are fully comfortable with the the changes I suggest and the route that we go down together.   

​Sleep and Mental Health come hand in hand and I am passionate about releasing any anxieties you may be feeling around your little ones' sleep. I will support you and pass on my knowledge enabling you to be confident and informed to make positive sleep changes. 

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My partner and I had a zoom consultation with Gemma in the hopes to get our daughter to self settle. I was very apprehensive due to her reflux and I also worried about her getting upset when leaving her. Gemma took all of this into consideration when creating a sleep routine for us. She gave us advice on what we could do to support her in the lead up to bedtime to ensure that her tummy was as comfortable as possible to help with her reflux. When it came to bedtime, she gave us options of ways to self settle so we could see which would best work for us. On night 3, our little one settled herself to sleep and we are also getting some nights where she sleeps through. We are so grateful for Gemma’s support which has continued if we have any questions arise and couldn’t recommend her enough.

Rhea & Florence, 6.5 months

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